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About Us

Hello! We have been working in the Children's Activity Market for 12 years and as an owner of two small kids activity businesses myself, I have a lot of experience with the challenges and opportunities of the children's activity sector. I am passionate about supporting small business owners to attract children but even more passionate about parents having the opportunities to find what works for them. 

I have a strong motivation to support children in their development through early years and beyond. I know that many of us recognize that our national schooling system is not always able to provide the rich opportunities and variety that help nurture children's natural talents so the children's activities market is extremely important to our kids. 

I have 3 children of my own and they have been involved in a huge variety of clubs so I have a great understanding of what works for parents and for businesses. This has created a combined motivation to build something exciting and so Restless Kids was born!! 

Restless Kids is not just a listing site. We are a lot more than that!

Yes, we are a directory of children's activities that uses the latest technology to elevate children's activity providers and support their online and offline marketing strategies. For parents we want this to be the perfect place to learn about how each activity can support their child's learning and allow them to explore all the wonderful opportunities that life offers regardless of their experience or needs. 

But importantly we provide class booking software specifically designed for the children's activity sector. We have clients that offer swimming lessons, cricket classes, drama classes, and a lot more. In a price-sensitive industry, our software is very competitively priced and aimed at making sure every kids' club can operate as efficiently as possible at a great price.

We are looking forward to working closely with lots of children's activity providers and also look forward to hearing feedback from parents about what is working well for them. We aim to also guide through a series of blogs that help parents with the choices they make - we hugely welcome feedback so get in touch on our contact page if you want to ask us anything!