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Muddy Little Boots Publishing

Muddy Little Boots Publishing

We create inclusive books that encourage exploration and appreciation of outdoor spaces and nature.

Muddy Little Boots Publishing was founded in 2020 by author and creative, Andy Hussey.

Our mission is to create inclusive books that are easy to read and beautifully illustrated. The overarching concept and theme for our books is “the great outdoors” and appreciation of nature. We want little ones to pop on their muddy little boots and go exploring. We want them to look… and then look again at nature.

We want to encourage inquisitive minds.

Where it all began...
The ‘seed of the idea’ had been floating around Andy’s head for years. For much of his creative career he had worked with like-minded individuals and organisations that had the same passion for the countryside, nature and conservation. It was just a matter of timing and bringing these skills and individuals together! It took the COVID-19 pandemic (2020) and the first lockdown period for things to really come to fruition. He wanted something positive to come out of this period.

Following a self-initiated photography project entitled #OneWalkWildlife, conversations took place as to how children’s books could have a positive impact on society; how they could raise awareness of nature and how they should appropriately reflect society and be more inclusive. Muddy Little Boots Publishing and the first book ‘There’s No Deer Around Here’ was created, a story that explores deer coming closer to urban areas due to the lack of cars on our roads during the lockdown period. And the rest they say is history!

We currently have two books available:

Any Trout About: A riverside adventure

Every weekend Charlie and Dad watch excited families feeding the trout in the town stream. Today, it’s Charlie’s turn... but why are there no trout about?! Charlie and Dad embark on a riverside adventure to search for the elusive trout in the wild - and meet lots of animal friends along the way!

There's No Deer Around Here

When a mysterious visitor eats all the plants in Granny’s garden one night, Jacob is left wondering what it could be. Together with his best friend, Archie-Dog, Jacob sets out on a mission – collecting clues along the way to prove to Granny that there really ARE deer around here!

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