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Rattle & Hum Music

Rattle & Hum Music

There are so many baby music classes out there, so why come to mine?


Each week I’ll be bringing a real instrument to class, and thanks to my degree in music I’m a one stop shop when it comes to playing different instruments! 

All my experience and knowledge as a musician and mum I bring to class so you and your baby or toddler can have the opportunity to explore instruments they might not ordinarily get to see up close.

An important part of my program is making sure that not only do the children get to have individual attention and time with the instruments, but you as a parent can have a chat and get to know other parents too.

To facilitate this, in every class I spend time with every child so they can get up close to the instrument of the week. They can touch it, play it, hear it, and dribble on it! I keep my classes small, just 12 as a maximum, so this is the perfect time to get to know the people around you.

Where else can you go where your child can press the buttons on a saxophone, strum a bass guitar, or play the keyboard?

You can book a trial for just £3.50. I also offer PAYG and flexible booking options so you don't end up paying for a class you know you can't make!

For more information find me on fb and instagram.

Class Times:

Little Leeds - Mondays 10:30am & 11:30am

The Den - Mondays 2pm, Wednesdays 1:20pm

Wetherby Town Hall - Wednesdays 10:30am



Post Code LS42RZ
Phone Number 07727475599
Website https://rattleandhummusic.com/
Monday 10:30 - 3pm
Wednesday 10:30 - 2pm