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The Signing Company - Baldock, Royston and Biggleswade

The Signing Company - Baldock, Royston and Biggleswade

Hi, I'm Emily
Welcome to Signing Babies and Signing Toddlers in Baldock, Royston & Biggleswade

As part of The Signing Company, we teach Signing for Babies and Signing for Toddlers in Baldock, Royston & Biggleswade

Sign language is an inspirational communication tool that has been used by Deaf people for centuries. So many people say that they are captivated when they see sign language being used, and that they would dearly love to possess this skill. The Signing Company was born out of a desire to make this skill accessible to all, from babies to 101. We believe that even with the most basic signing knowledge, everyone has the tools to communicate more effectively in everyday life. Moreover, when learning occurs in a fun and stimulating environment, then positive learning takes place.

Signing for Babies

Signing Babies classes allow you to communicate and bond with your baby, through specially created songs and nursery rhymes, fun activities, and bubbles! I also have props including Signing Sam and Poppy the Mouse! Each session is based on a theme so you and the little ones can learn essential signs.

Signing for Toddlers

As your child begins to develop speech and discover new words, Signing Toddlers explores and focuses on new key vocabulary to encourage their budding communication skills.

Signing for Toddlers classes allows you to expand on vocabulary through puppets, songs, fun activities, and bubbles. We cover listening and turn-taking skills, emotional vocabulary, and much more.

Your Local Signing Company Teacher
I am married to a man who is profoundly deaf but relies on lip reading. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are both also profoundly deaf. My brother-in-law uses a mix of BSL and lip-reading. My sister-in-law is more reliant on BSL.

I have always wanted to learn to sign especially since I met my husband so I would be more able to converse with my sister-in-law, especially without needing my brother-in-law to interpret.

When I became a mum to Pixie and Jesse, I wanted them to be able to communicate with their aunt and uncle too.

I have been attending Louise and Becky's classes from when Pixie was 4 months old in the first lockdown and have been signing with her and Jesse ever since. Seeing their signing vocabulary and comprehension grow makes me so proud.

In the past, I have been an ICU nurse and a childminder with a degree in Educational Studies, but once I began Signing Babies classes, being a franchisee was always in the back of my mind.

I've always loved working with children. They're little rays of sunshine. It was only when I was on maternity leave with Jesse that I decided to take the leap and start my latest adventure by doing my BSL Level 1 and beginning to run classes for local families.

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Post Code SG188SA
Phone Number 07877363772
Wednesday Royston Signing Toddlers - 10 am till 10:45 Signing Babies - 11 am till 11:45
Friday Baldock Signing Toddlers - 10 am till 10:45 Signing Babies - 11 am till 11:45